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Smoke Along The Track
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Pamela Brown * Mary Don't you Weep * Life To Go * If Tear Drops Were Pennies * She Thinks I Still Care * Down By The Old River * Smoke Along The Track * I'd Rather Die Young * Gentle Mother * Tears In My Eyes * Fallen Leaves * Wall Of Loneliness * Sunday Morning Christian * Freight Train

Code: CD09

Back To Castleblayney
DVD £12.99

Tracks Include: * Lonesome At Your Table * Pain Of Loving You * A Satisfied Mind * Sunday Morning Christain * Cup Of Conversation * Clayton Delaney * Mary Claire Mulvanna Rebecca Jane * Rockin Goose Selection * Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon * Smoke Along The Track * Breakin My Heart Once Again * Cold Hard Facts Of Life * Each Seasons Changes You * Let The Four Winds Blow * Gentle Mother * We'll Sweep Out The Ashes * Bluegrass Fiddle * Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw * Four Country Roads * An Old Fashioned Girl * Jasons Farm * Back To Castleblayney * Carroll County Accident, Ashes Of Love, I Love You Still, You Are My Sunshine

Code: DVD20

Blue Wings
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Blue Wings * How I'm Missing You * As We're Rolling * Down By The Glen * My Donegal Shore * Ballad Of John Wayne * Country Music's Here To Stay * The Angry Man * Indian Reservation * Life's Amazing Sum * The Wild Geese * Where The Grass Grows The Greenest

Code: CD08

Galtymore 2004
DVD £12.99

Tracks Include: * Rockin Goose Selection * I'll Settle For Old Ireland * All My Friends * Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon * Sunday Morning Christain * 5000 Miles Away From Sligo * We'll Sweep Out The Ashes * Breakin My Heart Once Again * Give My Love To Rose * Bunch Of Violets * True Blue * Gentle Mother * Clayton Delaney * Four Country Roads * Your Wedding Day * Hills Of Home * Carroll County Accident * I Love You Still * Ashes Of Love * Dim Lights * You Are My Sunshine

Code: DVD21

Travel On
CD £10.99

Tracks Include: * The Moods Of Mary * Where Has All The Love Gone * We'll Sweep Out All the Ashes * Shadows Of My Mind * She's Sweet She's Kind And She's Mine * One Day At A Time * Move To town In The Fall * This Time I've Hurt Her More Than she Loves Me * Crazy Farm * We Sure Danced Us Some Good Ones * You'll Make It Look So Easy * Travel On

Code: CD24

The Sweetest Gift
DVD £12.99

Tracks Include: * Where The Grass Grows The Greenest * The Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile * Ain't That A Shame * The Beauty Of Limerick * Games People Play * The Girl I Love Now Lives In Birmingham * Careless Hands * Let The Four Winds Blow * Tubbercurry * Have I Stayed Away Too Long * Where The River Shannon Flows * Here I Am * My Own Rolling Roe * Crocodile Shoes * Tragis Romance * Pat The Baker * Old Home In Mayo * Selection Of Hornpipes * Rambling Man

Code: DVD04

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