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The Sweetest Gift
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The Sweetest Gift A Mother's Smile * Where The Grass Grows The Greenest * Ain't That A Shame * Here I Am * Crocodile Shoes * The Beauty Of Limerick * Games People Play * The Girl I Love Now Lives In Birmingham * Where The River Shannon Flows * Have I Stayed Away Too Long * Let The Four Winds Blow * Careless Hands * Tragic Romance * Hornpipes

Code: CD05

Four Country Roads
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The Streets Of Dublin City * Take Me Home * Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley * 5000 Miles To Sligo * Cheatin’ Fire * Old Flames * Dark Hollow * Girl With The Lovely Brown Eyes * Four Country Roads * My Rose Of The Mountain * I’d Rather Die Young * Put Me Down Softly

Code: CD16

Songs I like To Sing
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Old Man On The Porch * Cool Water * The Cheer Of The Homefire * Life's Turned You To Stone * The Goldrush Has Gone * Nickles & Dimes * Country Music's Here To Stay * Hills Of Home * The Wallet * She Is The Dream * Forgiving You Was Easy * Distant Drums * You Are My Sunshine * 4 Strong Winds

Code: CD06

CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The G.N.R. Steam Train * Stormy Horizons * Where We'll Never Grow Old * Nothing I Can Do About It Now * The Little Hills Of Monaghan * Connemara Shore * Southern Dixie Flyer * Kind Deeds Never Make The News * Footprints In The Snow * My Own Rolling Roe * Tubbercurry * Pieces Of You * Me & Bobby Magee * Frauelin * Ramblin Man * . Pins & Needles, Rock & Roll Music, Hey Good Lookin, California Sun, My World's Come Down

Code: CD01

CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * I Found My Girl In The U.S.A * Three Steps To Heaven * I Could Never Be Ashamed * Johnny B. Goode * My Little Son * I Can’t Make My Dreams Understood * Me & Bobby Magee * There Goes My Everything * There Never Was A Fool * The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me * Let The Four Winds Blow * Knoxville Girl

Code: CD18

Out On Their Own
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * My Own Lisnagreive * First Fall Of Snow * Mary Claire Mulvina Rebecca Jane * Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain * BJ The DJ * Galway Bay * Deep Water * The Day I Left Castlebar * The Banks Of Ohio * I Need Your Love Tonight * Can't Hold The Years Back * Goodnight Dallas * Home To Say goodbye * Pat The Baker * Old Love Letters, At The Hop, Ashes Of Love, Help Yourself, I Love You Still

Code: CD04


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