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A Happy Man
CD £10.99

Tracks Include: * Once An Angel * Bound For Glory * California Sunset * A Happy Man * I Wouldn't Trade My Shamrock * Il Silenzio * Its Not Love * Jennifer Johnston * Lay Down Beside Me * My Shoes Keep Walking Back To you & Seven Spanish Angels * Things * We'll Meet again * A Beautiful Time * Two Little Orphans * A Love That Was Never To Be * slievenamon * A King is Born

This Is Same Track Listing As The Billy McFarrland Album ‘Once An Angel’ With 2 New Songs Added

Code: CD16

A Happy Man
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Slievenamon * A Beautiful Time * A Happy Man * California Sunset * Lay Down Beside Me * It's Not Love * I Wouldn't Trade My Shamrock * Jennifer Johnston * Seven Spanish Angels * Things * We'll Meet Again * A King Is Born

Code: DVD10

The Ultimate
2CD And DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * Too Young * Never Grow Old * Ave Maria * I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen * Wonderland By Night * The Spinning Wheel * Tonight Carmen * Oh Mein Papa * She Wears My Ring * Mama Sang Along * Galway Bay * Nearer My God To Thee * The Holy City * Christmas In Heaven

CD2 * Veil Of White Lace * Don't Forget Me Little Darling * The Hobo's Meditation * The Swallow * Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts * No One Will Ever Know * Homing waltz * Papa, Sing Me A Song * Moonlight & Skies * Coast Of Malabar * Ninety-Nine Years * Golden guitar * Deck Of Cards / Old Rugged Cross / Pastor's On Vacation

DVD Hot country Life Story TV special DVD nearly an hour of interviews and music specially recorded for a Hot Country TV program to be screened on Sky TV before Christmas. Hosted by Hugh O'Brien, Billy talks about his 63 year long career.

Code: CD18

Memories No1 60th Anniversary Set
3CD Set £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * Memory No.1 * I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen * Bye Bye Love * Truly Fair * Country Trumpet Medley * Angel Judy * If I Were A Blackbird * Two Kinds Of Tears * Molly Malone * Royal Telephone * Silver Threads Among The Gold * Harvest Moon * Waterford * Maggie * The Only Fire That Burns * Old Doc Brown

* She Wears Red Feathers * My Mama's Waltz * DJ For A Day * Drunken Driver * Cottage By The Lee * Rocky Road * Wave Daddy Bye Bye * Coming Home * Slowly I'm Falling * Ashes Of An Old Love Affair * Lay My Head Beneath The Rose * I'll Never Take You Back Again * I Overlooked An Orchid * Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw * Mother Went A Walking

CD3 * A Love I Never Had * Isle Of Innisfree * He'll Do For You * Mama Sang Along * You're Free To Go * For All I Know * Please Be Gentle * No More * A Long Time Ago * Eileen * I Know What It Means * As Usual * Brown To Blue * Out Of The Blue * Men With Broken Hearts * Mama Please Cancel The Taxi

Code: CD12

The Best I know How / The Best Of
2CD £6.99

Tracks Include The Best I know How * Careless Hands * I Never Once Stopped Loving you * Don't Say You love Me * One Takes The Blame * Enter My Heart * Let's Hate Ourselves In The Morning * The Best I know How * I'll go Somewhere And Sing My Songs Again * Stolen Moments * Run That By Me One More Time * Oh Mein Papa * A Whole Lot Of Love Still In My Heart * I Gotta Sing My Song * Blue eyes Crying In The Rain * Tell Me Sue * He Bought My Soul At Calvary * It Is No Secret * The Holy City

The Best Of * No Tears My Lady * Just Pretending * Roses Love Sunshine * Rathlin Island * A Little Piece At A Time * Brown To Blue * Trumpet Medley; Jealous Heart, Any dream Will Do, Send Me The Pillow * I Overlooked An Orchid * Truly Fair * Angel Judy * No More She Wears Red Feathers * Rose Of Mooncoin * Carry Me Back To Mayo * The Spinning Wheel * Will The Angels Play Their Harps * Tonight Carmen * Galway Bay * Little Rosa * She Wears My Ring * The Older The Violin * Oh Mein Papa * God's Little Corner

Code: CD09

Coming Home
DVD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The Billy McFarland Story * Coming Home * Rose Of Mooncoin * Galway Bay * Brown To Blue * Memory No.1 * Tonight Carmen * I'll Never Take You Back * Silver Threads * She Wears My Ring * The Older The Violin * DJ For A Day * Harvest Moon * Donegal I Love You * Oh Mein Papa

Code: DVD02

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