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Heedrum Hodrum
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Flower Of Inverness * Thunderhead Jig, Jig Runrig, Donald's Jig * Captain Carswell, Crossing The Minch * Rambling Rover * Dumbarton's Drums * Moving Cloud, Archie Menzies , Cape Bretons, Fiddlers Welcome To Shetland * Mull Of Kintyre * Nelson Mandela's Welcome To The City Of Glasgow, Rory Macleod * Loch Maree Islands * Loch Shin * The High Drive, The Clumsy Lover * Rose Of Aberdeen, Sands Of Kuwait * Donald Where's Your Trousers

Code: CD57

Christmas Concert 2020
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Winter Wonderland * Silver Bells * Achnaclyth House * Donald Maclean Farewell To Oban / Inveresk House * That Christmassy Feeling * White Christmas * Greatest Gift Of All * The Christmas Polka * Away In A Manager /Amazing Grace * Hallelujah For Christmas * Jeans Reel / High Level / President Garfield * Lonely This Christmas * My Mum And Santa * A Welcome Christmas Morning * How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas * The Old Christmas Card / Blue Christmas / What A Merry Christmas This Could Be * Christmas Long Ago * Silent Night * The Bluebell Polka * The Bluebird * Jingle Bells / Mark The Herald Angels Sing / Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Code: DVD58

My Scottish Composition
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Achnaclyth House * Birkhall Ball / Castletown To Buckingham Palace * Dawn’s Waltz / Frank & Moira Stephen’s Ruby Wedding * Scotland’s Son Of Fun / Eddie & Margaret Rose’s Golden Wedding * Forrest Villa / Bert Duff / Karen Scott * Castletown Memories * Robert Lovie / The Buckie Picker * Loch Shin * Canadian Jock * The Haster Smithy * John Crawford’s Waltz * Dr Fiona Grant / The Caithness Undertaker * The Carrbridge Hogmanay Waltz * The Macdonald’s March

Code: CD56

My Tribute To Ireland
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * The Mooncoin Reel / The Sally Gardens / Jackie Coleman's Reel * Out On The Ocean / Irish Washerwoman / The Blackthorn Stick / Off She Goes * Marino Waltz * Boys of Bluehill / Stack of Wheat / Harvest Home * Maggie in the Woods / The Sword of St Columba / Church Street Polka * Wild Colonial Boy / Homes of Donegal / Green Glens of Antrim * Sweeney's Polka / Egan's Po;ka / Siege of Ennis Original " Connaughmans Rambles Jig / The Kesh Jig / The Humours of Glendart * Take This Message To My Mother / Goodbye Johnny Dear / Lovely Leitrim * Lord of the Dance / Muirsheen Durkin / Tell Me Ma / Say You Love Me * Saddle The Pony / Biddy of Sligo / Tenpenny Bit / Roaring Jelly * The Galway Hornpipe / Sligo Fancy Hornpipe / The Sunshine Hornpipe * Alpine Slopes / Never Was Piping So Gay / The Fisherman's Island / The Hunter's House * Danny Boy / Town I Love So Well / Mary From Dungloe * Walking on the Waves- Featuring Mick Foster

Code: CD54

The Sir Jimmy Shand Story
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Six Twenty Two Step * John Macdonald's March * Agnes Waltz * Cameron Highlanders / Australian Ladies * Auld Scots Mither Mine * Lass O' Patties Mill / Davy Nick Nack / Deveron Reel * Bill Black Of Stanley / Arlene Bowie / Jim Money * Lunan Bay / Lady Angela Alexander / It's Grand Among Your Ain Folk * Dr Ross's 50th Welcome To The Argyllshire Gathering / Dundee City Police Pipe Band * Shuffling Samuel * Memories Of Willie Snaith Of Hexham * Bonnie Dundee / Midlothian Pipe Band / I Lo'ed Nae A Lassie But Ane * St Andrews Parade / Harveston Castle / Breadalbane Reel / Bobby Watson * The Bluebell Polka * Lady Elgin Of Broomhall / Lord Elgin Of Broomhall * Auchtermuchty Gala March * Whistling Rufus * A Welcome Christmas Morning * Happy Hours * Scotland The Brave / Mhari's Wedding / Thistle Of Scotland * Home On The Range * Jean's Reel / High Level Hornpipe / President Garfield * Jimmy Shand The Legend

Code: DVD55

Brandon Mcphee Plays Jimmy Shand
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Six Twenty Two Step * Lady Elgin Of Broomhall,Lord Elgin Of Broomhall * The Agnes Waltz * John Macdonald's Waltz * Lass O' Patties Mill, Davy Nick-Nack, Deveron Reel * Auld Scots Mither Mine * Bill Black Of Stanley, Arlene Bowie, Jim Money * Dr Ross's 50th Welcome To Argyllshire Gathering , Dundee City Police Pipe Band * Whistling Rufus * Lunan Bay , Lady Angela Alexander , It's Grand Among Your Ain Folk * Cameron Highlanders, Australian Ladies * Memories Of William Snaith * Shuffling Samuel * Jimmy Shand The Legend * Bonnie Dundee * Midlothian Pipe Band * I Lo'ed Nae Lassie But Ain * Auchtermuchty Gala March * A Welcome Christmas Morning * St Andrew's Parade, Harveston Castle , Breadablane Reel , Bobby Watson * The Bluebell Polka

Code: CD48

The Early Years
3CD Set £11.99




Tracks Include: CD A Starr Is Born & Born to Play * Scotland the Brave, Mhari's Wedding, Thistle of Scotland * PM Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban, Inveresk House * The Road to Applecross * The Blue Bell Polka * The Shetland Twostep * The Jaqueline Waltz * The Lewis and Harris Gathering, Laird of Drumblair, John Keith Laing * Memories of Willie Snaith * Loch Ruan, Leslie Angus, Thomas Saunders* The Glens of Angus, Calin Mo Run Sa, The Road and the Miles to Dundee, My Mother * The Atholl Highlanders, Donald Iain Rankine * John MacMillan of Barra, Jean's Reel * Happy Hours * Pipe Major Jim Christie of Wick, Major David Manson at Clachantrushal * Black Mask * Whistling Rufus * Ornithologist * Dark Island * Bonnie Dundee, Midlothian Pipe Band, I Lo'e Nae A Lassie * Cameron Highlanders, Australian Ladies * Banjo Breakdown, Paddy's Leather Breeches, Jig of Slurs, Thunderhead Jig * Home on the Range * Let the Hackles Rise, Down the Tannach Road, Robbie the Sheep Shearer * Unknown Polka, High Level

CD The Flying Scots * Bob Bridgeford's March, The Forty-Six Seconder, The Borthwick Men * Monadh Gowan, The Wee Man From Skye * The Jacqueline Waltz * Looking For A Partner * Hills Of Connemara * Garden Of Skye, Yellow Corn, Gaelic Air * The Blackadder Waltz * Davy Scott Of Kilbirnie, Marquis Of Huntly's Farewell, Cape Breton Visit To Shetland * Brochan Lom, Sabhal Iain Ic Uisdean, Bheil An Cadal Ort, Mor A Cheannaich * Calling Me Home * Miss Delicia Chisholm, Atholl And Breadalbane Gathering * Recuerdos De La Coruna * Dan Mcildowie's Reel, Niell Thow's Reel, Manola's Reel * Flying Scotsman

CD Live & Relaxed * Loch Leven Castle, Bonnie Banchory, Jack's Delight, Hurlock's Reel * Inverness Gathering, Bruce Gandy's Dusty Chanter * North Isles Waltz, The North Atlantic Waltz * Six Twenty Two Step * Jimmy Shand The Legend * Lunan Bay, Lady Angela Alexander, It's Grand Among Your Ain Folk * Falconer Wallace Of Candacraig, The 25th KOSB's Farewell To Meerut * Song For The Mira * Bluebird Polka * The Old Button Box * Halkirk Games, Dr JG Hunter Of Aultbea * Moon Valley Waltz, Maisie Cowie's Slow Air, Hamiltanning's Waltz * Achnaclyth House * Bill Black Of Stanley, Arlene Bowie, For The Record * Home To The Kyles * Jig Of Slurs, Troy's Wedding, Lieutenant Maguire's Jig * A Welcome Christmas Morning * Jean's Reel, High Level Hornpipe, President Garfield * Danny Boy

Code: CD53

All I Want To Do
DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Bubbles In My Beer * On The Road To Loving Me Again * Jimmy Shand The Legend * Someday Somewhere Somehow * She Wrote It In A Country Song * Jean’s Reel / High Level / President Garfield * We Should Be Together * Dark Island * Ties That Bind * Give My Love To Rose * Auchtermuchty Gala March * Old Town Road * Achy Breaky Heart * You Gave Me A Mountain * Martette Polka * Take These Wings * Little Bit Rusty (With Celeste Clabburn) * The Bluebird * Walking On The Waves (With Foster & Allen)

Code: DVD52

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