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Chuck Owens
Simply Chuck
2CD And DVD £11.99

Tracks Include: CD * Dr Time * Let's Make History * Livin' In A Fools Paradise * Hope You're Feelin' Me * Old Country * Down In Louisiana * The Brand New Mr Me * I'm Beside Myself * Wonderful World Of Women * The Thought Of Losing You * Cajun Baby * Love & Honour * Close Up The Honky Tonks * Borrowed Angel * Goin' Through The Big D * The Girl Who Waited On Tables * To Be Loved (By Someone Like You) * Mr Miller

* When The Wife Runs Off * Hickory Hollor's Tramp * Out Of My Mind * Dela And The Dealer * Just Another Lust Affair * Gypsy Joe And Me * Kiss An Angel Good Morning * Only Worst * I Need Somebody Bad * Leaving On Her Mind * Family Bible * Let's Put Out The Fire * Someone Had To Teach You * I've Got The Used To Be's

* Uptown, Downtown * Good Ole' Boy * Somewhere Inbetween * Livin' On Love * Isle Of Innisfree * Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy * Send A Message To My Heart * Special * Happiest Song On The Jukebox * Month Of Sundays * Brother Jukebox * Don't Tell Me * Lodi * Honky Tonks * Old Chuck

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