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Songs Of The Irish War Of Independence
Double CD £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * Come Out Ye Black & Tans (Paddy Reilly) * The Burning Of Cork City (Eoin Thomas) * The Boys Of Barr Na Sráide (Niamh Parsons) * Kevin Barry (Patsy Watchorn) * The British Army (Ronnie Drew) * The Galtee Mountain Boy (Paddy Reilly) * Salonika (Johnny Mcevoy & Sharon Shannon) * Mná Na Héireann (The Celtic Orchestra) * Oh Where Is Our James Connolly (The Black Family) * The Boys Of Kilmichael (Jimmy Crowley) * The Man From Mullingar (The Wolfe Tones) * The Lonely Woods Of Upton (Sean Dunphy) * The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Anne Byrne) * The Soldier's Song (Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones) * The Ballad Of Dan Breen (Eoin Thomas)

CD2 * On Bloody Sunday (Eoin Thomas) * Michael (Johnny Mcevoy) * The Ballad Of Séan Treacy (Murphy's Law) * The Foggy Dew (Frances Black) * The Assassination Of Tomás Maccurtain (Eoin Thomas) * The Patriot Game (Liam Clancy) * The Board Black Brimmer ( Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones) * Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland ( Sean Dunphy) * On The One Road (Barleycorn) * Only Our Rivers Run Free (Paddy Reilly) * The Valley Of Knockanure (The Wolfe Tones) * The Recruiting Sergeant (The Black Brothers) * Grace (Derek Mccormack) * A Nation Once Again (Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones) * The Young Volunteer (Galloglas)

Code: CD01

Songs For Mother
2CD Set £11.99

Tracks Include: CD1 * There Was A Pal Like Mother (Philomena Begley) * Mama Sang Along (Billy Mcfarland) * Mamas A Star (Jason Travers) * Mother Of Mine (Janey Kirk) 26 Cents 6 (Kathy Kane) *The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Logue & McCool) My Irish Mother (Liam Mclaughlin) * Mama Tried (Garry McEvoy) * The Tender Years (Liam Kelly) * Mama's Prayer (Eddie Gallagher) The Hand That Leads Me (Claire Knox) * My Mothers Home (Elleen King) * The Only Momma (Leon) * Precious Mother Of Mine (Ena Clarke) To Daddy (Uel Ballie)

CD2 * Windows Up In Heaven (Kenny Paul) * A Mother's Love A Blessing (Eileen King) * My Wife's Mother (David Craid) * Stand By Your Man Leon * Mama Tried (Frank Nelson) * Golden Anniversary (TJ Stuart) * Oh Mamma (Brenda Mulgrew) * Lady Of Knock (Moira Crawley) * Dreamed About Mama Last Night (Big T & Barbara Allen) * An Irish Country Home (Eileen King) * All I Have For You Mom Is This Rose (Ivan D) * My Mother From County Mayo (Seamus Moore) * Memories Of Mother (Greta Elkin) * The Ring Mother Wore (Frank McCaffrey) * Gentle Mother (Billy McFarland)

Code: CD122

The Very Best Hot Country Hits Vol 3
4CD & DVD Set £9.99



Tracks Include: CD1 * One And Only Girl From Donegal (Bonnie Stewart) * Family Bible (Chuck Owners) * Mike Denver Tribute (George Langan) * 3 Wooden Crosses (David O'Reilly) * Flower Of Scotland (Caitlin) * Big Iron (Johnny Loughrey) * Nancy Whisky (Brier) * The Auld Triangle (Rake The Ashes) * Amazing Grace (Honky Tonk Angels) * I Loved Her First (John Rafferty) * Beautiful Meath (Jason Travers) * Katy Daly (Trevor Loughrey) * Seeing Is Believing (Paddy O'Brien) * Carrickfergus (Ollie Austin) * Truckers Wallet (Jimmy Buckley) * There Never Was A Pal Like Mother (Philomena Begley) * My Mother's Home (Eileen King) * I Will Love You All My Life (Paul Donnelly) * Ave Maria (Joe Dolan) * Queen Of The Silver Dollar (Janey Kirk)

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Code: CD8020

The Very Best Hot Country Hits
4CD & DVD Set £14.99


Tracks Include: CD1 * A Rose Is For Today (Roly Daniels) * Irish Heart (Owen Mac) * Red Haired Mary (Eddie Gallagher) * Red Is The Rose (Charlie Landsborough Featuring Caitlin) * All I Have Today (Louise Morrissey) * Johnny Brown (Bernie Heaney) * Woodcarver (T J Stuart Featuring Brenda Mulgrew) * Angel Flying (Chris Logue) Too Close To The Ground * Marie's Wedding (David Craig) * It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere (John Rafferty Featuring Johnny Brady) * Noreen Bawn (Philip English) * Elvis Medley (Shaun Loughrey) * Carmelita (Jason Travers) * He Drinks Tequila (Brenda Mulgrew) * Fields Of Athenry (Frank Mccaffrey) * Wagon Wheel (Trevor Loughrey) * Scotland Forever (Janey Kirk) * Shamrock City (Liam Mannering) * Magnolia Wind (Billy Mcfarland Featuring Triona Allen) * Ten Guitars (Kenny Paul)

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Code: CD8016

The Very Best In Country & Irish Collection 3 DVD's £14.99



The Very Best of Country & Irish Vol 1* What’s Another Year (Louise Morrissey) * You’re Some Trucker (Seamus Moore) * A Little Light (Cc Cooper) * Irish Heart (Owen Mac) * How Great Thou Art (Dervla Burke) * Molly (Derek Burke) * Fool For Loving You (Mary Burke) * Missing (Keelan) * Railroad Bum (Bernie Heaney) * Big House In The Sky (Shaun Loughrey) * Because Of You (Darren Kieran) * The Way I Am (Norman Borland) * I Might Just Make It (Simon Peters) * Pothole Song (Richie Kavanagh) * On The Market (Paul Kelly) * Comfort Of Her Wings (Nigel Livingstone) * Gene Stuart Medley (Cowboy Larry) * Little Red Wagon ( Lorna Goodwin) * Our Wild Atlantic Shore (Ailish Mcbride)

The Very Best of Country & Irish Vol 2 * Fly Me West (Margo) * Circles (Louise Morrissey) * Mary Dear (Billy Mcfarland) * Pal Of My Cradle Days (Shaun Cuddy) * If Jesus Comes Tomorrow (Owen Mac) * Willie The Dealer (Paul Kelly) * When Big Tom Sang Gentle Mother (Keelan) * Look At Us (Shaun Loughrey) * Golden Ring (Ailish Mcbride & Ciaran Rosney) * The Man From Galilee (Bernie Heaney) * Old Maid In The Garrett (Sabrina Fallon) * Never Give Up (Curtis Magee) * There Goes My Heart (John Rafferty) * The Cowboy Rides Away (Andreas Durkin) * Good Times Left In Me (Thomas Milligan) * Country Roads (Marian Waldron) * Tiger Feet (David Kiernan) * Part Of Me (Michelle Murphy) * Thank God I’m A Country Girl (Larissa Tormey) * Do What You Do Do Well (Paul Molloy) * I Will Love You Till This Ring Turns Green (Damien Davis) * Missouri (Simon Peters)

Pure Country Mix 2 * Connemara Marble Ring (The Benn Sisters) * Heaven (Ben Troy) * Where Are You Now (Celine Carolan) * The Johnny Cash Accolade (Eamon Mccann) * I Wish I Was 18 Again (Fergus Harman) * You’re Beautiful (Gerald Ahern) * Maria (John Hogan) * Love Me A Little Bit Longer (Lisa Stanley) * All Around My Hat (Louise Morrissey) * I Won’t Be Singing Aon Focal Anymore (Richie Kavanagh) * Lovin’ All Night (Rosie Flanagan) * The Gambler (The Wee Amigos) * Dream Lover (The Country Wild Cats) * The Answer To Everything (Gloria) * Mr Jones (Simon Peters) * Rhinestone Cowboy (The Wee Amigos) * He Stopped Loving Her Today (Shaun Loughrey)

Code: DVD330

Country & Irish Hotdisc Hits
4CD & Bonus DVD £7.00


Tracks Include: CD1 * Rose Of El Paso (Frank Jennings) * I Am The Train (George Inglis) * One Night At A Time (Jackie Storrar) * Bad Man (Clive John) * Pale Rider (Rob Allen) * Hello Pretty Lady (Stu Stevens) * Dolly Parton's Hits (Sherrick Brothers) * One Way Train Noel (Mckeary Band) * Storms Never Last (Kerry Fearon) * It's You (Scott Perry) * Ghost Riders In The Sky (Carl Gibson) * Your Girlfriend Hates Me (Hannah Johnson) * Every Little Thing (Milly Coltherd) * Hillbilly Rock (Texas Fever) * Invisible Lines (Perry May) * Travellin' Soldier (Megan Adams ) * Don't Rock Where The Alligators Roll (Anton Glackin) * I Just Couldn't Find The Words To Say Goodbye (Dave Sheriff & Porter Wagoner) * Hooked On Country (Tennessee Country Orchestra) * Rock It Megamix (Kickin' Country)

CD2 * The Spirit (Clive John) * Matamoros (Frank Jennings) * I Don't Like Country (The Diablos) * The Old Rugged Cross (Stu Stevens) * Do What You Do Well (Scott Perry) * Never No More (Hannah Johnson) * Missing You (George Inglis) * Ace Of Spades (Jackie Storrar) * Pretty Girl (Noel Mckeary Band) * What Would Dolly Do (Kerry Fearon) * Waltz Across Texas (Travis Mccready) * Heartbreakin' Machine (Young Guns) * The Bandit (Carl Gibson) * Apartment Number Nine (Arlene) * Undecided (Dave Sheriff) * I Love You Honey (Karri O'donnell) * Dust Clouds (Anton Glackin) * I Was Sure We Could've Made It (Stuart Cameron) * Please Mr Please (Sandie De Lane) * Boots (Keith Shaw) * Living In Love (Frank Jennings) * For You And Me (Rob Allen) * Walk On The Outside (Vision)

CD3 * Born And Raised In Black & White (Frank Jennings) * But I Will (Jackie Storrar) * Hurt (Clive John) * Circle Of Stone (Gary Kennon) * Slow Dance (Saskia Vese) * The Man In Black (George Inglis) * If The Devil Don't Want Me (Kerry Fearon) * Room For A Boy (Stu Stevens) * East Coast Run (The Diablos) * Baby I Don't Care (Texas Fever) * That's What Life Is For (Carl Gibson) * Hey God (Dave Sheriff & The Britpickers) * Morning Cocktail (Hannah Johnson) * Yellow Rose (Nikki Ryan & Stuart Cameron) * Just Seeing You (Noel Mckeary Band) * Her Name Is (Ricky Roberts) * Cry Just A Little Bit (Sarah Ann Jones) * Give Me More Time (Roisin) * Black Coffee (Petra Stapp) * Long Gone (Barbary Coast) * The Dog And The Cadillac (Keith Shaw) * This Feeling (Rob Allen) * Jolene (Milly Coltherd) * Young Guns (Cupid)

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Code: CD126

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