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Don't Touch My Willy
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The Bachelor Farmer * My Little Honda 50 * Frocking Lovely Leitrim * The Boy From Donegal * The Old Account * Kilarney To San Francisco * The Mighty New Holland * Kiss Me Mary * I Wanna Be In Ireland For The Summer * Don't Touch My Willy * Grandpa * Give Me 40 Acres * My Darling Kathleen * The Tennesseee Border * Nobody's child * Truck Drivin' Man

Code: CD18

I'm Just A Farmer Like You
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Im Just A Farmer Like You * Listen To Your Senses * Claremorris * A Mothers Son * Barley Hill * Paddy * Rosie Donaghue * Gods Plan * Keep Her Lit * Colleen Malone * Tipperary Girl * Blackland Farmer * Dreams Of Long Ago * A Family Farm For Sale * Locklins Bar * The Belle Of Liverpool

Code: CD17

The Man Who Drank The Farm
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The Farmer Wants a Wife * You Just Can't Take The Good And Leave The Bad * Come Down The Mountain Katy Daly * Your Health Is Your Wealth * I'm Having A Bit Tonight * Let's Go Back * The FAT Song * And You Never Learned To Dance * Four Country Roads * You Picked A Fine Time To Try For A Feel * Grand Father's Clock * Old Hands Holding Hands * Papa's Wagon * You're As Welcome as The Flowers In May * Her Sweet Town Hill Town * Little Shirt Me Mammy Made For Me * Mama Sang Along * This Story I Tell You Is True * The Man Who Drank The Farm

Code: CD16

Horse It Into Ya
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Horse It Into Ya Cynthia * Fighting Side Of Me * Delaney's Chicken * The Frying Pan Song * Two Loves * My John Deere Tractor * Johnny Will Ye Ne'r Go Home Again * Murphy & The Bricks * I'll Never Fill My Father's Shoes * I Love Me Juggernaught * Nelly Wong * Be Nobody's Darling But Mine * The Quiet Man Of Cong * Here In The Real World * Say You Love Me * The Character * The Fanners Song * The Travellin' Man

Code: CD13

Grannys Off Her Rocker
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * My Little Two Acre Farm * Home Away From Home * Seven Old Ladies Stuck In A Lavatory * Baggie Britches Brown * Here I Am Drunk Again * Galway Girl * Gypsy Joe And Me * Cottage By The Sea * Grannys Off Her Rocker * Jasons Farm * The Mighty 143 * Back When The Old Place Was New * Poor Boy Aint Got No Money * The Lights Of Rosslare Harbour * I Got My Education Out Behind The Barn * The Ramblin House * The Farmer Is The Man * The Barnyard Boogie

Code: CD15

Granny's Off Her Rocker
DVD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The Farmer Dan Is The Man * The Lights Of Rosslare Harbour * I Got My Education Out Behind The Barn * Cottage By The Sea * Home Away From Home * Jasons Farm * Grannys' Off Her Rocker * The Ramblin' House * The Mighty 143 * Back When The Old Homeplace Was New * Me Little Two Acre Farm * Little Baggy Britches Brown * Poor Boy Got No Money * The Barnyard Boogie * The Galway Girl

Code: DVD15

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