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The Winds Of Yesterday
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: God Make You For Me * The Winds Of Yesterday * The Band Played Red River Valley * Where The Blue And Lonely Go * I Found True Love * There Goes My Everything * My Elusive Dreams * Tear Drop On A Rose * They'll Never Take Her Love Away From Me * I Can't Help Falling In Love With You * The Old Homing Waltz * The Rose And The Flame * Broken Wings * Times A Healer * Now It's The Hour * Whisper To Jesus * Rock Of Ages * Oh Christmas Tree

Code: CD28

The Dolly Songbook
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * 2 Doors Down * Home * I Will Always Love You * Yellow Roses * 9 To 5 * Dagger Through The Heart * Jolene * Wild Flowers * Coat Of Many Colours * Do I Ever Cross Your Mind * To Daddy * Backwoods Barbie

Code: CD05

Derek Ryan
Soft Ground

CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Wherever You’re Going * Good Night Out * You’re Some Girl * Thank God For The Farmers * The Road * The Night That Went On For Days * Carlow Tonight * Boots And Roots * Bottom Of The Bottle * Young Hearts * On The Sesh (Feat. The Tumbling Paddies) * Soft Ground

Code: CD20

Daniel O'Donnell 60
CD £13.99

Tracks Include: * Let Your Love Flow * Down At The Lah De Dah * Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun * All I Have To Do Is Dream * Always On My Mind * The Gambler * I'll Never Find Another You * Walking The Streets In The Rain * Catch A Falling Star * I Can’t Stop Loving You * I Will Pray For You * Can't Take My Eyes Off You * Rock 'N' Roll Kids * And I Love You So * Something Stupid (Duet With Majella O'Donnell)

Code: CD60

Paul Kelly
The Country Collection
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * Delta Dawn * It Takes People Like You * The Squeezebox In Mullingar Town * Daydream Believer * The Old Dungarvan Oak * Hank Williams Foxtrot Medley * The Rose Of Castlerea * The Lights Of Rosslare Harbour * My Donegal Shore * Truck Drivin’ Man * The Whiskey Ain’t Working Anymore (Duet With Karl Kirkpatrick) * How’s She Cutting, Keep On Truck (With The 4x4s) * My Own Washing

Code: CD05

Paul Kelly
The Original Collection
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * On The Market * Willie The Dealer * So In Love * The Hooley * Father’s Farewell * Summertime * The Hangover * Hughie’s Oul Jeep * Lost Love * Brexit * This Crazy Love * Eagles Fly High * Lambing Time * Cut The Grass * Tang’s Ha

Code: CD04

My Kind Of Country
CD £11.99

Tracks Include: * She’s My Baby (Robert Mizzell) * An Irish Home (Patrick Feeney) * How’s She Cutting Keep On Trucking (4x4s) * Best Of Friends (Gary Gamble & Elaine Boyle) * All I Have Today (Louise Morrissey) * Don’t Look Back (Ritchie Remo) * Never Fall (John Garrity) * I Will Never Let You Go (Stephen Smyth) * Lucky (Cowboy Larry) * My Mother, My Teacher, My Friend (Owen Mac) * God Only Knows (Frank McCaffrey) * My Father (Brendan Shine) * Daddy’s Little Girl (Joe Moore) *The Shamrock & Tartan (Keltic Storm) * Fun At The Fair (Curtis Magee) * They Don’t Make Them Like You Anymore (Mick Flavin & Joe Moore)

Code: CD142

Tony Wall
More Memories Of Jim Reeves

3CD Set £11.99


Tracks Include: CD1 * A Letter To My Heart * A Nickle Piece Of Candy * A Strangers Just A Friend * After Loving You * Almost * Auf Wiederseh`N Sweetheart * Blue Skies * Could I Be Falling In Love * Dark Moon * Dear Hearts And Gentle People * Golden Memories And Silver Tears * Good Morning Self * Guilty * Gypsy Feet * Have I Stayed Away Too Long * Have You Ever Been Lonely * How Can I Write On Paper * I Can't Stop Loving You * I Catch Myself Crying * I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore * I Heard A Heart Break Last Night * I Know One * I Love You More

CD2 * I Never Pass There Anymore * I Won't Forget You * I'd Fight The World * If Heartache Is The Fashion * I'll Fly Away * I'm Beginning To Forget You * I'm Crying Again * I'm Gonna Change Everything * In A Mansion Stands My Love * It's No Sin * It's Only A Paper Moon * Just Out Of Reach * Just Walking In The Rain * Little Ole You * Lonesome Waltz * Make The World Go Away * Maureen * May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You * Moon River * My Juanita * My Lips Are Sealed * No One To Cry To * Oh What It Seemed To Be

CD3 * One Dozen Roses * Pride Goes Before A Fall * Room Full Of Roses * Satan Can't Hold Me * Stand At Your Window * Stand In * That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine * The Blizzard * The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees * The Hawaiian Wedding Song * The Night Watch * The Tie That Binds * The Wreck Of The Number Nine * There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder * There's Always Me * This World Is Not My Home * Waltzing On Top Of The World * We Could * We Thank Thee * Where We'll Never Grow Old * Wishful Thinking * You Kept Me Awake Last Night * You'll Never Know Jim Reeves Anniversary Tribute Hymn

Code: CD10

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