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CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Hey Good Lookin * Mansion On The Hill * Satin Sheets * Highway 40 Blues * You Win Again * Daydreams About Night * Two Of A Kind * Rose Of San Antone * Limerick Your A Lady * Elusive Dreams * Under Your Spell Again * Bouquet Of Roses

Code: CD08

Turn The Wine Back Into Water
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Blue Ridge Mountain Girl * 7 Spanish Angels * Unhappy Woman * Chattahoochie (Steve) * Last Date (Instrumental) * Wandering Wicklow man * Wine Back Into Water * Secret Love * Galway Girl * She's My Rose * Here Comes My Baby * I Sang Dixie (JB Jnr) * Rose Of My Heart * Never Got Up In The Morning * Partners In Rhyme (Duet With Karen O'Brien)

Code: CD04

You Can't Turn Back The Years

Tracks Include: * You Can't Turn Back The Years * Shack In Ballyhayes * I Would Really Like To See You One More Time * Wicklow Girl * Speak To The Sky * My Darling Kathleen * Turn It On * You're A Phone Call That I Need To Make * Stepping Stone * Burning Bridges * Long Gone Are The Days * My Connemara Marble Ring * Walking On The Moon * Special Absent Friends

Code: CD02

Live At The Irish World Heritage Centre Manchester DVD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Turn It On Turn It Up * Speak To The Sky * My Connemara Marble Ring * Secret Love * Wicklow Girl * Chaddahoochie * Galway Girl * Everything I Love Is Killing Me * 7 Spanish Angels * Roseville Fair * It’s A Dream Come True * I sang Dixie * Your Wedding Day * The Wandering Wicklow Man * You’re A Phone Call That I Need To Make * The Auctioneer * Rose Of My Heart * Special Absent Friends

Code: DVD01

Farewell My Lovely Ireland

Tracks Include: * Roseville Fair * The Spinning Wheel * For A Minute There * A Dream Come True * Cottage By The Sea * The Auctioneer * Someone From Home * Walk Through This World With Me * Everything I Love * 10 He's Got You Where I Want You * Farewell My Lovely Ireland * Lovely Laois * Your Wedding Day * You Ain't Going To Have Old Pat To Kick Around No More

Code: CD01

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