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The Mobile Phone
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Me Granny Was A Plucker * The Anglia Deluxe * The Mobile Phone * Me Little Zuki Jeep * Get Out Your Focal Leabhar * Her Name Was Nellie * Why Did They Call Me E.S.B * Me Lovely Yellow Scootter * Danoli * A Long Lank Of Loody * The Old Dance Hall * Sally Doran's Nellie Bike * Me Father Was A Fairy * Follow The Wren

Code: CD06

Aon Focal Eile
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * Aon Focal Eile * My Wife, Johnnys Morris Minor * A Teenager in 1968 * No More Beer * I Love My Juggernaut * The Pothole Song * Me First Marquee Dance * Johnny Is a Batchelor * A Little Bit Lastic * Keep The Shovel Tippin * Fagan's Chipper Van * Me Little Volkswagon * A Ferguson Tractor * Goin To A Weddin * A Travellin' Man

Code: CD04

Where The Ref Was Kicked
CD £9.99

Tracks Include: * The Battered Sausage * I Was Here Before Ya * A Little Woman A Me Own * Joe Soap * Where The Ref Was Kicked * The Auld Waterfall *Stay Wut Her Johnny * Maggie Murphys Knickers * A 20th Century Man * Are The Bin Men Comin * I'm A Bottle A Stout * The Ally Cracker * Big Maggie Left Kerry * Whack-A-Li-Lu

Code: CD03

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