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A Time To Remember
Double CD £12.99


Tracks Include: CD1 * Fermoy Lassies, Sporting Paddy * The Banks Of The Roses * The Ferryman * Three Score And Ten * The Belfast Hornpipe, The Swallow's Tail *For What died The Sons Of Roisin * Maids When You're Young * The Nightingale * Luke's Gravestone * Kelly the Boy From Killane * The Black Velvet Band * The Town I Loved So Well * Cooley's Reel, The Dawn, The Mullingar Races * The Auld Triangle

CD2 * All For Me Grog * Remembering Ciaran * Preab san Ol * Peggy Lettermore * St Patrick's Cathedral * I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me * Ronnie's Heaven * McAlpine's Fusiliers * Fainne Geal An Lae * Finnegan's Wake * The Marino Waltz * Dirty Old Town * Whiskey In the Jar * The Wild Rover * Molly Malone

Code: CD118

Tribute To The Dubliners
DVD £13.99

Tracks Include: * Seven Drunken Nights * I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon * Dreaming My Dreams * Scorn Not His Simplicity * Luke-A Tribute * The Irish Rover * The Marino Waltz * The Humours Of glendart/Saddle The Pony/Brian O'Lynn * Now I'm easy * Springhill Mining Disaster *Don't Get Married Girls * McAlpine's Fusiliers * The Black Velvet Band * Lament For Brendan Behan * The AuldTriangle

Code: DVD104

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